BDS Catering & Productions has ratified a health and safety plan. As always, BDS Catering & Productions continues to provide delectable food that is safely prepared. Our clients can rest assure that our services are safe and prepared with care.


    • • Crew members will stay home if they are or have demonstrated the following symptoms: (1) Coughing (2) Sneezing (3) Runny nose (4) Runny eyes (5) Nausea (6) Loss of taste and or smell


    • • Daily temperature checks and record for all crew members.


    • • Masks are always provided and worn by all crew members.


    • • Hands must be washed prior to beginning work and between each task.


    • • Disposable gloves will be worn at all times. Gloves will be changed if contaminated, tattered, when shifting tasks and in specific interludes.


  • • Crew members will maintain mandated social distancing measures.


    • • All self-service food and beverage offerings are discouraged until further notice.


    • • All service locations (stations, bars, etc.) will have hand sanitizer and additional gloves and masks available for crew members.


    • • Any passed food items will be served in individual portions in their own container.


  • • No plate, container, or glass will be reused or refilled.